Monday, February 15, 2010

Riverwalker's Pics - Security with Four Legs

Here's a pic of Mrs. RW's puppy dog. She's known affectionately as Lady and provides security around the Riverwalker household. Security with four legs...this is a good thing.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

After Katrina I erected a wood privacy fence to replace the chain link fence that was mangled by fallen trees. I did not remove the twisted and torn chain link, I did not cut out the briars growing along the fenceline either. I built the new fence inside the old fenceline. I later replaced Sasha, my old Lab who died shortly after the storm, with Bear, a 125lb Lab Mastif mix from the local shelter. Now if someone wants to enter my yard they have to get through the briars, the old chainlink fence, come over the wood fence and meet Bear. no one has tried yet! So much for a high tech security system.

Did it MY way said...

Always said a dog is mans best friend, and in this Mrs to.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Dogs, even those little Fufu bitty house dogs, have better ears and noses then we do, and can give an early warning that trouble is afoot. My aunt has one I swear must be psychic, I can hear its yapping when I'm opening the car door when we are curbside. Or maybe it has X-Ray vision?

I think it was Creekmore who mentioned his daschund (sp?) made a great early warning deteector and a good winter foot warmer as well. The little ones don't eat as much as the big dogs do, but they don't have the intimidation factor either.

Dogs should be considered an essential fixture on your homestead, especially if you live in the rurals. Just make sure they are trained not to molest you or your neighbors livestock, as that can cause some harsh repercussions really quickly.

Dogs and a halide light at opposite corners of the property are a fixture down here, where pseudo cop home invasions happen quite often in the rurals. Places with these elements get passed by for easier targets.

Good post sir.

shiloh1862 said...

She is beautiful RW!!

We have 4 editions, all of which are mutts. Range from 110 lbs to about 25 lbs.


idahobob said...

Yup, our four legged compadres, are not only an excellent early warning system, but I am sure they are good for our souls, also.

Our red/blue heeler is getting a bit long in the tooth and getting crippled up, to. I'm seriously considering gettin' an Akita to keep her company.


I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

She is pretty. We love our Basil - Black Mouth Cur - had never heard of the breed until I started doing research on what type would fit best with our family and of course, protective/friendly was a MUST!

riverwalker said...

Mrs. RW is very fond of Lady and she's considered a part of the family. Thanks everyone.


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