Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boiling Water for Survival

One of the most important priorities for your survival is a supply of water that is safe for consumption. While many people that are in reasonably good health can go three or four days without water, those persons with weakened or compromised immune systems will need good drinking water a lot sooner than the average person. It is therefore important to take this factor into account when figuring your water storage needs.

Another factor that can have a bearing on your everyday survival is the fact that most municipal water systems contain very low levels of some bacteria that are resistant to chlorine disinfection or filtering techniques. While most healthy people don’t have a problem with these low levels of bacterial contaminants, those people who are sick or have medical problems that may have weakened their immune systems as a result will probably be more susceptible to these contaminants.

It is also not a good practice to trust bottled water. Most bottled waters are not sufficiently regulated to insure its safety and it may not be entirely safe for persons with weakened immune systems to consume. Some bottled water is little more than water from the tap that has undergone additional filtering.

The main point to remember is that when you are sick or have medical problems that may have compromised your immune system; boil your water to insure your safety.

Don’t wait for someone to issue a “boil water” directive.

Staying above the water line!



APN said...

I think the longest I've gone without water is 2 full days. I can't describe the feeling of being dehydrated and thirsty that bad and that feeling gets exponentially worse after the first full day. It's like pain but it's not pain, it's like needing air to breath but you can't...Oh man, going without water is horrible. I feel sorry for anyone that's ever died of thirst.

Ken said...

...i expected the mark of "got fire?" at the end...

...kinda unrelated but i found a three pack of Bics' stashed in gear,proven 18 years old,work like a a cold weather Zippo/warm weather disposable carrying kind guy myself but one can never have too much fire...

riverwalker said...


I went for over two days without water and became severely dehydrated...don't want to experience that again.


riverwalker said...

To: Ken do need a fire to boil water!

If it isn't too fire?


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