Friday, December 4, 2009

Simple Survival Tips - Taking Medication Safely

Now that the cold weather has finally arrived, many people will be taking medications for a number of different symptoms brought on by the colder weather. There are some simple steps that should be followed in order to insure the safe and proper use of any type of medication. Following a few simple guidelines will help to eliminate errors or mistakes that could create an unsafe condition when taking medications. This includes both prescription (Rx) and OTC (over the counter) medications.

1.) Properly identify the person receiving the medication. Before administering the medication, always check to make sure the right person is receiving the medication.

2.) Make sure the medication being taken is done at the correct time. This can usually be within 30 minutes of the designated time unless otherwise specified by a healthcare provider, doctor or pharmacist.

3.) Make sure the correct medication is being taken. Always double check to make sure the correct medication is being taken. You don’t want to end up accidentally taking someone else’s medication.

4.) Make sure the proper dosage of medication is being taken. Check the labels on medications for the correct dosages for all prescription and OTC medications. A “more is better attitude” can be a very dangerous thing when it comes to medications.

5.) Make sure to use the prescribed method for the administration of the medication. Example: oral or topical.

6.) Keep an accurate account of the dates and times medication is being taken. You may want to include things such as lot numbers and reason for taking the medication. Having a record of the medication you have been taking may be helpful if a trip to the doctor is required if your symptoms continue to persist.

7.) Don’t combine medications without checking with a doctor. Many medications contain similar ingredients and taking more than one kind could cause an accidental overdose or result in the medication not being as effective.

Having a cold can really be a miserable feeling. Don’t make it worse by having to take a trip to the ER (emergency room) of your local hospital. If there is an error or an incident involving any type of medication, you should report it immediately to your healthcare provider or physician.

Staying above the water line!


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