Sunday, November 8, 2009

Security Landscaping - Special Series of Guest Posts

In a recent e-mail, a fifty something, soon to be rural homesteading Prepper whom I will refer to as CK sent me some excellent information on security landscaping which I will be sharing with everyone over the next few days in a special series of guest posts.

Here is an excerpt from that e-mail:


Your little ditty (about plants for protection) here got me to thinking and doing more research ... Below is what I found out ... it is rather long as I had done this previously for my urban home and did additional research for a rural home ... but you may be able to use some of it ;-}


CK has graciously given permission for me to post this research and findings and as stated above, it is quite lengthy. I will pass on the information in a series of posts starting on Monday.

This is a "thorny" subject so get your tweezers ready!

You can read the first installment here:

Security Landscaping-Part One-An Introduction

Staying above the water line!


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