Monday, September 21, 2009

Special Project - Lightning Videos

Lightning Video # 1

RW, Jr. has made some short videos of lightning that we hope you will enjoy. Lightning is one of the most beautiful displays of the power of nature. It can also be very destructive. Here is the first in a series of ten short lightning videos he made during a recent thunderstorm.

Staying above the water line!



Western Mass. Man said...

I love thunderstorms!
Only thing that sucks is the rain keeps you from seeing the awesome lightning.
Thanks RW & RWjr

riverwalker said...

To: Western Mass. Man

RW, Jr. made the videos about 2 minutes in length to keep them smaller in size (about 10 to 12 Mb)to make it easier for people with dial-up to watch the lightning videos.

Some of the lightning displays are awesome and the best is yet to come!

Thanks Western Mass Man!RW, Jr. thanks you also.


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