Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Myths About Lightning

Lightning easily travels further than can be seen by an individual. If you see lighting, this means you are already in danger of being struck by lightning and should immediately seek out a safe place until well after the storm has passed. If you hear thunder, you are in immediate danger and should seek safety immediately.

The maximum distance you can hear thunder is about two miles and will seldom be greater than twelve miles. Lightning has been known to strike as much as 100 miles from a thunderstorm. In October of 2001 in Texas, a bolt of lightning was measured traveling a distance of approximately 110 miles. Wind speed, wind direction, terrain, and noise levels are just a few of the factors involved that can make it difficult to judge how close the lightning is to you. It is extremely possible that you could have lightning strike in your vicinity and not hear any thunder, even though you are still able to see the lightning.

Here is a NOAA publication about the different myths involving lightning:

Staying above the water line!



Ken said...

...dangerous as it may be,very few things are as calming and humbling,as watching a lightning show...

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

The sheer power generated by lightning is truly a very humbling experience. RW, Jr. has been fascinated by lightning since he was a young child.

Thanks Ken.


Anonymous said...

We will see nothing but clouds hanging low, but our dogs are frightened of thunder, and will hear it often up to a half hour before we even see the lightning.

brentcu said...

Thanks for the link to the PDF, it was worth reading that when I have three little kids and live in a rather lightning-prone corner of SW France.

And then there are the killer hailstones.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 11:41

Forgot to mention the dogs! Thanks for the reminder. One of my will try to knock the door down trying to get inside.



riverwalker said...

To: brentcu

Glad you found the PDF helpful. It has some really good info in it.

One of my friends' children was struck by lightning on a fishing trip a few years ago and the child has suffered a lot as a result, even though he survived.

Keep the little ones safe!


BTW, We have problems with hail here also and we even have "French" fries.LOL

Mayberry said...

If you are standing next to something during a thunderstorm, and it begins to "sizzle", beat a hasty retreat! I've had the VHF antenna on a boat do that once or twice, as well as aluminum outrigger poles. Not a warm fuzzy feeling....

riverwalker said...

To; Mayberry

I thought you knew that being on a boat in a storm isn't very healthy!

Actually you don't even have to be on a boat experience the "sizzle" factor.

You can also smell the ozone in the air. Lightning is best avoided if possible.

Thanks Mayberry!


matthiasj said...

Lightening can be very damaging. Look at what happened to Flea's house when listening struck..

Kentucky Preppers Network

Mayberry said...

I know, but there ain't much you can do when a storm pops up and you're 50 miles offshore! Just gotta drive around 'em as best as you can....

riverwalker said...

To: matthiasj

Very true. Hopefully Flea has managed to recover somewhat from all the damage. Lightning isn't something to take lightly.

Thanks Matt!


riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

I believe the saying goes "...any port in a storm."

Be careful my friend.

May your waters be calm and your skies sunny.


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