Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Bug Out Van - Doing a Test Run

Last year I gave my bug out van a good workout while working the Texas Independence Relay. It's about time for me to give it another workout and make sure I have all my bases covered. Putting in a little practice to make sure your vehicles and gear is going to work the way you want and when you need it can be crucial. The time to find out if you've forgot some small detail is not during a crisis or emergency. Knowing everything is going to work ahead of time can save you grief later.

An oil change, a check of the tires (including the spare) and a little gear re-organization is in the works. I also had to change out the serpentine drive belt because it was starting to show some wear and made a little squeaky noise at low idle. A quick belt change (20 minutes) and the problem was solved. Mrs. RW even gave it a good wash job so that it would look as nice as it runs. The tinted windows are also nice and gives me a little more privacy without detracting from the ability to view traffic around me when I'm on the road.

Give your vehicles a workout once in a while and you'll know if you can rely on them in a crisis. Find out if you need to do a little extra work to avoid any major problems. You can check them out good but until you put it to the test you never know what may be going to happen. It's a lot better to have a breakdown or other failure at a non-critical time than during an actual emergency.

Got van?

Staying above the water line!



vlad said...

V-bar chains take you through mud/snow/ice when no other vehicle can move. Get two sets. On 2WD vehicle you'll need one on front for steering on ice. You won't feel the cold of ice and snow through a closed-cell pad when you install chains.

When you are stuck good samaritans stop to help you. Predators stop to help themselves.

Mayberry said...

That's almost as big as the Beast! Sharp lookin' van RW. BOV and emergency shelter all rolled up into one.

riverwalker said...

To: vlad

You got me! I don't have any tire chains but I'm going to pick up a set ASAP. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some at a yard sale. I probably need to check out some of the truck stops and see if they have any old ones that I could pick up cheap. I haven't used tire chains since I lived in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Thanks for the reminder Vlad.


riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

Not quite as big as "the Beast" but it did hold 8 people with gear (sleeping bags, extra clothes, hygiene items, food and water, flashlights, and first aid kits) for two days that we all "lived" in it during the Texas Relay.

I'm thinking about an upgrade if I find something just a little bigger and self-propelled at a decent price that's in good mechanical shape.

Thanks Mayberry!


vlad said...

Got a trailer?? Here is an idea.
It's dirty but it's cheap.

riverwalker said...

To; vlad

I had a small trailer at one time but had to part with it some time back. I need a new roof put on but as soon as I get over that (paying cash requires patience and a little waiting sometimes) maybe I'll be able to move up to a small RV or trailer once again.

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it Vlad.One of these days I'll get back up in your neck of the woods. I lived in that part of Texas for a few years a while back.


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