Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bartering for Bullets

While many times a bartering agreement may be beneficial for both parties involved in the trade, there are times when you may want to reconsider your options. In a survival situation or a crisis, sometimes you’re better off passing on the deal than risking a shortfall in what may wind up as an item in limited supply virtually overnight. You should always make sure you can maintain a positive position in any type of barter or trade arrangement you may be involved in or seeking to complete.

One such example is bartering for bullets. With limited availability of certain types of ammunition, you would probably want to be on the receiving end of the deal. Getting ammunition in trade for some other item of value should be a positive trade on your behalf. You should consider a couple of factors before finalizing the deal in any type of barter or trade you wish to make.

During a crisis or an emergency situation the value of certain items will increase exponentially at a rapid pace. Water, food, fuel, temporary shelter, just to name a few, can all skyrocket in value literally overnight during a crisis. Thus, you should have a sufficient quantity of an item so that its disappearance in a trade will not leave you with a possible near term shortage. You may be increasing your problems rather than eliminating them.

You should also take care to never reveal that you may have an abundance of an item so as to protect what you do have from someone that may have ill intentions which could arise at a later time when you may be least prepared to deal with the situation.

Always treat any item you are trading as if it’s the best one in the world and you’ve only got one left and that you will never get another one. In many survival situations this will wind up being the rule rather than the exception.

Staying above the water line!



Bitmap said...

One way to reduce someone else's defensive abilities would be to doctor up some ammo with extreme overloads or with just a primer and no powder, then use that ammo as a trade good.

With a bullet puller and a press you can convert factory ammo into a nasty surprise for someone.

Be careful if you trade for ammo from an unknown source.

Ken said...

(as an aside/kinda off topic)...Bitmap,that's 'Genious'! just made my list of heroes...

...apologies, bullets are not for trade/ least not my 'good' above)

Anonymous said...

And breaking down those 20 round centerfire, 50 round rimfire packages to smaller 5 - 10 round batering packages would also be smart to do. Especially when selling in combination with firearms (1 rifle plus 10 rounds of ammunition) - some folks might feel comfortable doing business this way.

Bitmap, that would work, but I would hate to bear the consequences of that if MY daughter / son were maimed by that intentionally loaded round. I would chase that person from star to star until I was satisfied - intentionally hurting innocents would be bad business.

Now if we are talking about keeping a few of these rounds in your stash if someone steals it from you, that is another story. That would be a bitter pill for them - having all of that ammo, and not knowing if THIS round will blow up / take out an eye - whatever. said...

Let's not forget that those same bullets you bartered away could come back to you - fired from a weapon in an attempt to obtain the remainder of your supplies!

riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

Probably not going to trade for any reloads! Great tip about knowing the source is reliable before making a trade.


riverwalker said...

To: Ken

We're probably not going to be doing much trading since your "good" bullets aren't for trade or sale. LOL


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 12:02

Great idea about making smaller packages for trading. Altered rounds could be unsafe to have around for the reason you mentioned and there may be better ways to deter "bad guys" without increasing your own risk. Thanks.


riverwalker said...


I personally don't trade or sell my ammo without being 100% sure that it won't come back to haunt me. Thanks for the tip!


Brass said...

"Always treat any item you are trading as if it’s the best one in the world and you’ve only got one left and that you will never get another one."

Even if I were starving to death, I couldn't stoop so low as to act like a gun show dealer. ; )

riverwalker said...

To: Brass

Although I do a lot of stuff for free or at a very reduced cost for my friends and family, I am prepared to make some rather harsh choices where the survival and well-being of my friends and family are concerned. Thanks.


BTW, I personally don't go to gun shows but that is a personal choice on my part.

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