Friday, July 31, 2009

Water Resistant Survival Kit Containers

Many people like to use things like Altoid tins to carry their pocket survival kits. I prefer something a little more water resistant but just as effective. Small plastic water resistant containers work to protect your gear and don't stand out in a crowd. Most are only slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes (and yes they will hold a pack of smokes and keep them dry) and come in handy to keep your survival gear dry.

Most come with lock down clips and lanyards. They have an O-ring seal and can hold quite a lot of small gear items. They are also available in belt pouch models that can hold even more gear in a small but very effective and protective container. They are only about twice the size and still easily carried. They also work great to protect tinder for fire-starting or your cell phone from suffering the effects of excess moisture or to hold a small DIY first aid kit. You can even make one up with your survival fishing kit in it.
Loose items carried in your shirt pockets or laying around camp seem to follow Murphy's Law and only fall out when there is water in the vicinity or just happen to be exposed when it starts raining!

Even if you're not dealing with a flood and rising water, water resistant containers come in handy when fishing, camping outdoors (it always seems to rain when I pitch a tent) or doing a little hunting or fishing. Keep your gear in good shape by not exposing it to any more moisture or water than necessary.

Staying above the water-resistant line!



Ken said... a few of those...definitely could use more tho...i should of bought stock in ziploc bags too,i got those things comin' out my

matthiasj said...

Good post RW. These are great for fishing and other outdoors.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Mayberry said...

After dumping the sailboat (and drowning my smokes!), I should get me one of those! Cool....

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

There are those times when you are going to need one for sure.

Ziploc bags = frugal water resistant container! LOL


riverwalker said...

To: matthiasj

I have a couple of even smaller ones that I keep a couple of band-aids, a small Maglite solitaire, a lighter,and a small multi-tool. It even floats with all the stuff in it!


riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

As close to all that water as you are,I figured you of all people would have them running out your ears!
BTW, you can get them at dive shops and I know there are a couple in your area. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

I forgot to add that if you get one big enough you could use it as a life jacket. Read your post about getting dumped and NOT having your life jacket handy.


Anonymous said...

Witz containers? Yeah, those are cool.

When I was a smoker years back, Camel had a 'freebie' cylinder water safe that had a small butane lighter in head - way cool. I have one kit somewhere . . .

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