Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Survival Tips - Walking for Survival

Your health should always be a main priority for your survival. Without good health, you are already at a serious disadvantage when it comes to your survival. The number one threat for your survival is health problems, especially those which are heart related. Heart attacks, heart disease, high blood pressure are all serious threats to your survival on an everyday basis. Walking is a great form of exercise that can help to reduce this risk to your survival.

While running and jogging are excellent ways to stay fit, many people are not capable of meeting the demands of these fairly rigorous forms of activity without creating a further risk to their health. The simple solution is to do a little walking everyday. Not the normal walking done as part of your daily routine, but a dedicated amount of walking to keep up your level of fitness.

Many people will argue that they don’t have the time but this is merely an excuse. There are 1,440 minutes in each and every day. A brief morning or evening walk of about 15 minutes will use up only about 1% of the time in your day leaving the other 99% free for other activities. This is a very small price to pay for the benefits you will gain. Plus it gets easier each and every day. Eventually, you will grow accustomed to your daily walks as they become a part of your routine. Then if you want to get really serious about things, you can always put on that 40 pound bug-out bag and wear it while you walk. This will give you some serious survival practice!

Make sure you have a comfortable and well fitting pair of walking shoes or hiking boots, carry a water bottle to stay hydrated and give yourself much better health in the process. You can even use your home-made hiking staff while you are walking.

Got 1%?

Staying above the water line!



Bitmap said...

I walk every day unless I am sick in bed.

If I have the option of taking the stairs instead of the elevator I take the stairs. I usually park far out in the parking lot when I go somewhere so I have to walk.

Ken said...

...walking as exercise,definately underated...all of us must soon get used to it,riding bikes also fun useful exercise,regression in modes of transportation is generally accepted as a given...and a small fraction of prepdom...

...BTW,just caught up on the posts...good reads Brother RW...thanx

riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

Sounds like you're getting your daily walking in by doing a variety of different things. I like to park way out also...good exercise and cuts down on the dents in the door of my vehicle!


riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Bicycles are also a good way to get more exercise and are generally low-impact type of exercise.

Glad you caught up on some of my posts. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Good post RW I jog and bike ride everyday. You're health is important.

Kentucky Preppers Network

riverwalker said...

To: matthiasj

Bicycles are great for getting a little exercise but I'm basically a (river)walker.


Anonymous said...

Man, I need to do some more walking. Have CHF, and doctor sez working out with heavy weights is out. But walking and some bicycle riding is okay, as long as I keep an eye out for the effects of heat - just take it slow and easy, rest if you get winded.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 6:25

Walking is one of the best ways to add to your level of fitness. It can be done in little amounts to start and you can increase your time and distance as you develop a better level of fitness. Even if you can't walk everyday, you can always work a little time into your schedule on a moment's notice. Thanks.


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