Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dehydrated Food Recipe - Veggie Beef Soup

Hi everyone! Dean in Arizona here with a recipe for Veggie Beef Soup using dehydrated food items. I recently got an email regarding this, and SciFi asked for a recipe, so here we go!

Veggie Beef Soup

2 cups dried beef

1 cup dried tomatoes

1/2 cup dried carrots

1 cup dried beans

1/2 cup dried celery

1/2 cup dried peas

2 beef bouillon cubes

Parsley, bay leaf, pepper to taste

Cover veggies and beef with 12 cups water, bring to boil. Cover and simmer 2 hours, or till meat is tender .Add bouillon cubes and simmer 30 minutes. Season to taste and serve. Serves 8.

I've also discovered that canned soup can be dehydrated! I'll update that later!

Thanks again RW!

Dean in AZ


SciFiChick said...

Thanks for the recipe Dean! One question` when you say "dried beef" could you clarify just what that entails? As in jerky type meat or some other. I have still not tackled meat in the dehydrator so I'm unsure here.

Anonymous said...

NO!!! Anything you want to re hydrate has to be half me! No,really.If you want jerky,use raw meat.If you want to rehydrate,you have to cook the meat to med or med rare before you dehydrate it. For some reason,it save's the tenderness,don't ask me why.

Jerky is raw dried meat.. Anything you want to re hydrate must be half cooked.
Hope this help's! I know I was a bit vague,I thought you read and printed out my other post's...shame on you!
Dean in az

Anonymous said...

Just a few more random thought's. If you wanted more serving's out of this recipe,you could add rice,bean's,or pasta. I'm sure this would work great in a slow cooker too.
Dean in Az

Idacajun said...

I just got my dehydrater. First thing I tackled was making dehydrated soup mix. I did several packs of frozen mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas, green beans) THEN I dehydrated potatos that I cubed and parboiled then dehydrated, I dried tomato slices, onion slices, and shredded cabbage (my grandma always added cabbage to her soup). When all was dried and cooled i mixed it all in one big ziplock, today I am going to dry small cubes of lean beef that i cooked. Grandma also always added a handful of raw rice to her soup and a little bit of broken pasta pieces. So I cooke and dehydrated that too. After the meat is cooled I am going to divide the mix into smaller portions and vaccum seal them. Into our bug out bag it goes.

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