Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brass for Barter

While there are quite a few gun enthusiasts who have taken the time to acquire the necessary skills and tools to do reloading, there are probably even more who haven’t. I’m not into reloading but as an option save my brass in order to trade for something else. Even though you may not be a reloader, it would still be a very prudent activity to save your brass. It will make a very useful barter or trade item.

Save your brass for barter!

Staying above the water line!



Brigid said...

I picked up a bunch of spent brass yesterday. Some I will reuse, some I won't. All is good and you're right, can be traded for something else useful for your household.

Anonymous said...

Assuming you have the room to store it,great idea! It can't be used against you,at least very soon!
If your space limited,I'd save the obscure stuff,say .303 brit, .40, .30-30 and such.9mm and 45 is pretty easy to find currently,but the odd stuff could be a better alternative.
Just a note,don't pick up shotgun case's,as you have no idea as to if they have been reloaded,or what weather they may have seen.I had a buddy that was a reloader,had a shell blow off the plastic,and jammed in the barrel.The next shot jammed and blew the barrel up! Luckily,(used loosely),he was shooting a winchester Winlite,with a fiberglass barrel,split open as designed to.Got a few pellet's in the arm,but not as bad as it could have been.
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

Sorry,just had another random thought.Last summer my brother in law and I went to our favorite hidden range.I let him use my 30.06,as I used his 270.I reached into the ammo box,handed him 3 round's.Now,I got this gun and ammo from a guy that owed me for a machine shop job,so I knew pretty much nothing about it,or the 200+ round's he gave me.Some new in boxe's,some a lil rough looking.He took 2 shot's,we adjusted the sight,took a couple of minute's.He took his 3rd shot,and nothing.We looked at each other,wondering "was that 2 or 3 shot's"? Like dirty harry! He popped open the bolt,a lil puff of smoke and an empty cartidge.I took the gun,bolt open,and blew down the barrel.Sure enough,the old shell only had enough power to pop the slug off the cartridge! It probably went about a half inch into the barrel,popped out easy with the cleaning rod.
Just as you rotate food,rotate your ammo!!!!!!!
Dean in Az

riverwalker said...

To: Brigid

I've seen some of the jewelry you've made with the brass that is unsuitable for reloading...great looking stuff, but if it's not suitable for reloading I think I'll use my brass to make fishing lures with instead! Thanks Brigid!


riverwalker said...

To: Dean in AZ

Always need to be careful when guns are involved. Safety first! Thanks.


Irga Studio said...

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