Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Survival Barter - Good or Bad?

So what can you barter, that you'll never run out of, that you can't lose or have taken from you?

So, what is a good barter item? If you have a few years supply of food stashed, you can trade it for silver or gold, fuel, or whatever items you missed. Assume you have 3 years of food for 4 people stashed and trade off a year’s worth for silver....and SHTF happens and it lasts for 5 years? You’re 3 years short! And if food is worth more than the metal...?


I've been looking over my prep ideas, trying to find where my strengths and weaknesses are. I’m not the Rambo type, too old for it if I was anyway. I have a nice supply of hunting gun' and ammo, no way I'll spend my money for some black ugly gun. Too much $$ for too little use, in my humble opinion (I know that will agitate a few!). I'm currently adding to my food and seed supply, garden and such, canning and other food supplies.

Now we all can't have everything we need, want or desire, whether it is food, tools, or even the knowledge we need. Gardening isn't rocket science. If you can grow something, the person down the road can too. You can stash away silver and gold, but you can't live off it, unless someone will accept it. Sure, someone will someplace...if you can find them or they find you. If your out on junk land, how will you know if the silver is worth 10, 20, or 30 bucks an ounce? Got internet? Got a radio signal? Sure, if you’re starving, you'll give a few ounces for a hunk of deer. But if there are deer around, you can get one yourself! (I'm not advocating poaching).

If you have a skill, you'll never lose it! Whether it be sewing, knitting, welding or auto repairs (assuming the autos have fuel to operate). Learn to make afghan blankets, people will need them! Learn to make quilts! Take one of those "auto repairs for dummies" classes at the community college. You might be the only person for miles that knows how to bleed brakes or change a clutch! “You broke a what? I'll fix it for a bushel from your garden!"

I'm in a pretty good situation for all of this. I went to college for auto mechanics, tool and die making (machinist), learned to weld on the job. I have a few small semi-portable machines, a welder and a pile of tools. Assuming I could get these to a bug out area if need be, and power them, I'd be the only "modern day type of blacksmith" available. Even if they were forcibly taken, I doubt anyone has the skill to use them, if they wanted to go to the trouble to move them. And I'd prefer to trade my skills for something I need, as it will only cost me labor and time. And if they wanted to trade precious metals, assuming I don't need anything else, cool!

I just had to toss in my .02 worth. This time of the year, most colleges are starting adult classes, so check them out. Cheap, only a couple nights a week, and can never be taken away!

I'd like to thank RW for letting me do yet another guest post. He hasn't told me to stop, so he must like them, or he's just too polite to argue!

Thanks RW!

Dean in Arizona

Special Note:

I've had a close family member with some serious medical problems and spent several hours last night at the Emergency Room of the hospital. I will be posting a few guests posts from Dean in AZ as time permits. I will be busy for the next couple of days while they are recovering. Thanks. RW


Bullseye said...

Another great post Dean, thanks. And RW, you and your famiy will be in my prayers friend. We both know that prayer works.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Wyn Boniface said...

Yep production is key. My ugly rifle is for defense. I live in a population dense area, which makes it useful. I have the other tools in my box as well so hunting is included. I think archery would be the lower cost solution for hunting in the long run since there would be less ammo to buy fabricate your own arrows.

You know seeds would make good barter now that I think about it.

Hope your family recovers quickly.

Anonymous said...

Wyn Boniface, remember that traps work while you sleep. Trot lines too.

Anonymous said...

Bullseye; Thank's,I try my best!
Wyn; I never intended or meant to imply,that a big black ugly rifle was bad..Just way out of my price range and need.I live in a well populated area,a .22 will do just as well,in my opinion.I'd rather spend that 1500 on a pile of other stuff,than 1 gun.
And I'd rather give away seed's than sell ammo that might be used against me later!
I've written a few post's regarding my idea's about gun's to RW.I prefer hunting stuff over military stuff.I'm sure I'll wad up someone over it,but it's worth the read..to me!
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there are others like me who don't care to go in to hock for a black rifle. I too, am too old to be startin' a war with whoever. I have all I need in the defense dept. All those articles that pressure people to rush out and buy things that aren't neccessary is startin' to get on my nerves.
The Grill Sgt.

Anonymous said...

Grill Sgt:
I'm not sure if you know any,but ask any vietnam vet about his M16...Any gun that need's a "forward assist handle",or in other word's,when it jam's,smack this...That was in the 60's! Now ask Jessica Lynch how she was captured...not a lot has changed in 40 year's.
For the $$,I'd rather have 4 semi accurate reliable weapon's,rather than something that need's cleaned every other shot.I know that will rile up a bunch of comment's!
Just my humble opinion,of course!
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

when you talk about stashing things and utilizing your skills for barter, it really shows how bartering is becoming the main alternative to combat our economic crisis. i myself began to barter and of all of the web resources that are out there, i prefer to use www.favorpals.com. it's a great site and it has helped a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 10;38
Never saw that site before.I browse craigslist,freecycle and such a lot,made some good deal's there.Thank you for the input!
Dean in az

Anonymous said...

To Wyn:
I've looked at your post a few time's.I'm not a really good archer,but i have done some bow fishing,so that may be a way to look toward's,should you have access to a lake or river.Good thought!
Even spear fishing is cheaper than a black rifle!Somewhere on one of my computer's,I have a pic of a 22 pound carp I shot with a bow,almost 3 feet long! A bow a few spear tip's,,a good pellet gun,then the basic firearm's should be enough to cover everything,anything more is icing on the cake.
Dean in AZ

Marie said...

Enjoyed the post--can't ever get too much knowledge, and it's bound to come in handy, emergency or not.
Riverwalker, all the best to you and your family. Hope recovery goes quickly.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, Dean, if your situation calls for a black rifle, go for it! As for knowing any Viet Nam Vets, you're reading one's reply. I served in the Air Force as a security policeman, then, after 'Nam, I transferred to Army Intelligence(switched branches), and served 'til '89 'around' Eastern Europe. For me personally, my mini-14's should suffice for MY situation. I enjoy your input.
The Grill Sgt.

Anonymous said...

Grill Sgt,
Trust me,if the situation came about to need a black rifle,I wish I had access to one or 6! Just way out of my budget,and not useful enough for anything else than defense,in my humble opinion.
With respect to the M16/mini 14,I'm sure you know the history of both, being a nam vet.For those that don't,a quick recap.After korea,the DoD figured it was better to wound than kill,as it would take more people to handle a wounded person than a dead person.Bullet's would be smaller,lighter,cheaper,so on.They had a competition for new rifle's to replace the M1,they both entered,the M16 won.They did the same to replace the squad automatic, the M14 won over the M10.

Joseph said...


My SHTF weapons are a 12 ga., SKS and S&W 9mm. I'd LIKE an AR15, but the prices are tooo much for my buget...maybe an AK47 (Semi-auto) someday, but for now, what I have will do.

Anonymous said...

Well, fellas, I guess the bottom line is price. If I had money to burn, I might be tempted to buy firearms, like the ol' AR-10 or an M4. BUT, as a disabled vet, funds are tight. I did however, get a hold of a Mossberg M590 12 ga. with all the bells & wistles. As for the M16, my first issue didn't come with a forward assist. Those came later.
The Grill Sgt.

Anonymous said...

Grill Sgt;
Price is alway's a bottom line to me! Assuming the same basic performance of an AR or mini 14,why pay the difference? Granted,there may be more or more readily available part's for the AR,but still..Beside's,that winchester lever action over the fireplace would look ok,but an AR hanging up there might make people wonder..
Dean in Az

theotherryan said...

I agree the ideal situation is to be able to barter a skill. Something like medical knowledge, carpentry, plumbing, etc would be useful if you could find the right people who had something to offer in exchange.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog a few days ago and am going through the archives. I have read a TON of information lately trying to catch up on the preparedness and survivial stuff; yours is the most sane, down to earth, and practical that I've found. I especially like this tip about bartering skills rather than goods. I was thinking about starting to lay in some bartering items, but heck--I know how to do all sorts of things, so why waste my money on beads & wampum?

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 3:23

Thanks for the great comment. I just try to use a little common sense about doing things to stay ahead and keep my head above water!


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