Monday, June 22, 2009

Confessions of a Packrat

Got nuts and bolts?

Let's all take a moment to thank RW for letting me babble on yet again. I promise, no dehydrating this time!

I'm a man; I'll never recover from it. I can, or should be able, to do anything, right? I believe that it's a inherited thing, that man was evolved from hunter/gatherer type. It's normal for us to accumulate junk, much as squirrels gather nuts for the winter. That coffee can full of nuts, bolts, screws and nails is normal, right?

When you go into your garage or shed, how many things do you trip over? That includes a lawnmower that has a bad attitude and that broken rake or shovel? I think I have 1 of each, that I intend to buy a new handle for, but a new one is cheaper, so...But with a little work, it'll be like new someday, right?

We men always have the best of intentions. A handle for the shovel is cheaper than a new shovel, right? We try to do the same as a woman does, "It was on sale". Sure, if she looks good in it, we don't complain! When we come home from the hardware store with 50 bucks of stuff, when we went for a .25 cent screw… we're in the dog house!

How many items are you tripping over in your garage? How many "roundtuit" jobs are waiting for you?

I was in the shop today. I have leftover conduit from when I wired it 5 years ago…a few 3 or 4 foot pieces...I kept them, "just in case". Got a few broken bandsaw blades that "I'll weld back together when I'm bored". A transmission jack I bought for my race truck, now long gone. An engine rebuild kit for the same truck and an air filter for a 406 Ford 6 pack intake…

There is no way I could do a semi-organized bug out like this .I'm in the middle of a small makeover of the house, so all my tools are scattered all over and then tripping over these "someday" jobs? I could not tell you where my camp coffee pot is right now, somewhere in the attic, I know that much.

I know it's a bit late for spring cleaning but it needs to be done on a regular basis. Guys, grab something broken in the garage, think for 5 seconds......what can I do with this, what will it cost to replace it later…If you can't come up with a REAL answer, it's trash! "I have a perfect 1968 318 Mopar 2 barrel intake manifold and I should trash it? YES! Get rid of the trash and garbage, make room for GOOD stuff!

Just make sure you don't toss out her stuff!

Special Note: I seem to have a similar disorder and think it might be genetic. RW

Dean in Arizona


Anonymous said...

E-bay the good stuff or at least Craigslist it. Make a few bucks.

riverwalker said...

To: YeOldFurt

Good way to make an extra buck or two!Need to have a yard sale myself.


Anonymous said...

Organization is the key to prepping.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

Yeold fart:
My junk ain't worth the time to list!
To quote my hero,Red Green..If the women don't find you handsome,at least they'll find you handy.
I'm a man,but I can change,if I have to,I guess...
If all else fail's,play dead.
Dean in az

Anonymous said...

You too? Yup, being a prepper requires organization, and I sadly lack that ability. If I had to lay my hand on a particular item, might require some time and head scratching to find it. My tools at least are pretty organzied - I can find those fast, and thats a good thing!

Last night, came across that Haynes guide for my beloved '75 Dodge Adventurer - so thats where it went! Truck has only been gone since '97 - two trucks ago, as a matter of fact.

Helloise would go nutz in my case - I'd flunk big time in her book. My wife is a very patient woman is all I'm saying - God, I'm so lucky to have her . . .

riverwalker said...

I think we all need to get a little better organized.


Anonymous said...

Dean, you took the words right outta my!
The Grill Sgt.

Kilgor said...

For the stuff not worth sellin use There is someone out there that can use it and that is way better than throwing it away. In addition, you may see stuff that you can use.

I gave away a leaf blower with a fuel issue and an old bike rack yesterday. the leaf blower was spoken for in 3 minutes and the bike rack was spoken for in 23 minutes. Both were picked up the same day.

I have gotten a couple bales of pine shavings for my chickens.

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