Monday, May 4, 2009

Riverwalker’s Gear - EDC Pouches

There are numerous items that can be extremely handy in an emergency situation. The main problem is how to carry all that stuff and still have room in your pockets. Like so many people, I spend way too much time in my vehicle. Simple EDC pouches made up in what are commonly referred to as “fanny packs” has helped me solve this problem. They hold most of the basic items and are easily accessible. I keep a couple in each vehicle and simply hang them off the back of the seat. If I need to abandon my vehicle in a hurry, I have the basics to help me survive an emergency. These are in addition to my normal “pocket carry” items.

EDC Pouch Contents (included in each pouch):

1 Metal Flask (for carrying water)
1 Packet of Cocoa Mix
1 Bandana
1 Nail clipper (small)
1 Pocket Magnifier
1 Can opener (“church key” type)
1 Pair of tweezers
1 Silva compass with lanyard
1 Bic Lighter
1 Pack “Strike Anywhere” matches in plastic pouch
1 Sewing kit (small)
1 Plastic rain poncho
1 Emergency blanket
1 Pair of Latex gloves in zip-lock bag
1 Condiment container with cotton ball (treated with Vaseline as a firestarter)
1 Multi-tool as a backup to my “pocket carry”
1 Flashlight (9 LED)
1 Knife (pocket folder as a backup to my pocket carry knife)
1 Ceramic knife sharpener
1 Small mirror in vinyl carry case
1 Small hand sanitizer (can also be used as a firestarter)
1 Can of bug spray
1 Bottle of “Sting-eeze” to treat bug bites
1 Roll of camouflage duct tape
1 Large 4 inch gauze pad
1 First Aid Kit (small) - includes band-aids, ointment, non-aspirin and ibuprofen.
1 Package of styptic swabs
1 Lanyard (extra)
1 Map
1 Notepad
1 Removable clip with Photon LED light and knife (small mini-folder)
1 Pod case with sunglasses

Not pictured separately is the LED headlamp that is carried for quick access on the right side of the pouch in a small accessory bag and a small metal whistle that I carry on my key chain. The flashlight and headlamp both use the same size batteries and therefore I use the batteries from each one as backup spares depending upon which light I need to use. A separate pod case is used to carry sunglasses, the spare pocket knife, flashlight and lighter. If necessary, I can do pretty well with just the pod case and removable clip if I’m going to be away from my vehicle for any length of time. The pouches are great to use when camping and can be easily carried separately from your backpack.

The fanny packs were purchased at a yard sale for 50 cents each and work great for this purpose. They hang on the back of the front seats and are out of the way until needed. I have two for each of my vehicles and the extras work as spares for any passengers I may have with me.

Got pouch?

Staying above the water line!



Wyn Boniface said...

You know I got mine! Nice set up.

Bitmap said...

Any fear of someone seeing the packs and breaking into the car to steal them?

Some people will break into a car to steal a $5 bill off the dash board.

I keep my stuff out of sight as much as possible.

riverwalker said...

To: Wyn

I've checked some of your gear at your site and as always you've done excellent job of putting things together. Thanks.


BTW, Watched "Virus" the other night like you suggested.

riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

For short periods, I usually don't worry about it as I'm usually close and sometimes within sight of my vehicle. Other times I can stuff the packs under the seat or stow them in the back under lock and key. Normally, if I'm going to be away for a while I just put it on. One more person wearing that little fanny pack doesn't get much attention. Plus I almost always carry the pod case with light, lighter and spare folder. Thanks.


I also have a glove box carry unit that I will do a post about later.

HermitJim said...

This sounds like a good idea to me. I'll have to impliment it right away! Thanks, RW

riverwalker said...

To: HermitJim

You can put a lot of stuff in one of these little fanny packs and they blend in real good. Don't want to stand out in a crowd but it helps to have the basics handy.

RW said...

They'll break into the car to steal even just postage stamps.

The fanny pack is an excellent gear choice because they do not stand out in a crowd.

I might add a firesteel, simply because they are small, not so easily broken, work even when wet, and light many many fires.

riverwalker said...

To: SurvivalTopics

Reminds me that i need to get a couple of firesteels. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

You leave 5$ on your dash? Where do you live?
As far as pack's,I have a old cooler pack in camo.use it for an ammo bag now.Even a simple camera or cd player bag make's a great pack for something!
Dean in az

riverwalker said...

To: Dean in AZ

Any kind of small case can work really good.


Anonymous said...

While that is quite a lot of things and you have the necessities and even some comforts covered. I feel like it is too much to be considered stealth.

Stealth is something you can wear while in Business casual. Like a tie and slacks with no coat. Fannie packs don't fit in. Ideally no one will know you have anything at all and are undetectable.

An example I would consider stealth would be:
1 Pocket knife.
1 Lighter/matches
1 Emergency foil blanket.
1 sheet of tinfoil.
1 Concealable type II body armor
1 .380 Special ankle revolver.
2 feet of duct tape over old card

With these items you can fit all in your pockets with the foil blanket and tinfoil folded up in the back left pocket. You would have shelter (blanket + tape) Fire (Bic) Water purification (Fire + tinfoil folded up)
Water holder (tinfoil/blanket) Light (fire/mag-lite)
and of course a knife to implement all kinds of natural items like cordage or tinder etc. And still be g2g in a human threat situation.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 5:36

These pouches are kept in my vehicles in addition to what is carried in my pockets. If I plan on being away from my vehicle for an extended time period, they make it easy to carry some additional gear without being too conspicuous. The small fanny packs are commonly carried in my area and so wouldn't arouse too much attention.

Stealth isn't always about what people see.

Thanks anon.


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