Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Personal Protection Items - Work Gloves

Leather Work Gloves

No matter what type of activity or project you are working on, a good pair of gloves are a must to protect your hands from minor or even serious injuries. The cost of a decent pair of gloves is a lot cheaper than stitches at the ER. Always make sure you have a good pair of gloves suitable to the task. You need to take care of your hands in order to prevent injuries that may limit your ability to get the job done.

I recommend keeping an extra pair handy as a backup in case the gloves you are using get damaged. The extra pair can also work great for that friend or relative who might stop by to use while they are helping you out. Keep an extra saw handy for them to use also!

Extra Work Gloves

Using simple tools, like a pruning saw or bow saw, can cause serious hand injuries if you don't take the necessary steps to protect your hands properly.

Staying above the water line!



flea said...

I bought a bulk package of work gloves from Harbor Freight that I use for regular work around the yard and I have a few pairs in my truck box for when I may need to change a tire.

I bought a real good pair of gloves for doing construction, carpentry type stuff when the gloves need to fit snuggly. I even use those when I go shooting.

Good post.

riverwalker said...

To: flea

I pretty much do the same thing. Buy the bulk pack of cotton gloves and stick a pair of gloves in a bunch of different places. I use a set of good leather gloves for the heavy duty jobs. They've saved me from a lot of cuts and scrapes.


Anonymous said...

Here in AZ,anything that lay's in the sun for 10 minute's is too hot to grab!! I use my old worn welding glove's doing yardwork,as most of my stuff has a lot of thorn's. Those cheap brown glove's are fine for gardening and such,but if your hauling brush or metal,stick with a heavy leather. And for changing tire's,the concrete here get's a lot hotter than the air temp,so try to find knee pad's,or at least an old piece of carpet to kneel on.
Dean in Az

riverwalker said...

To: Dean

Thanks Dean! Good advice on all counts. I've experienced the heat in AZ and it can get really HOT!


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