Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prepping Project - UDS- Charcoal Basket

Here is a pic of my charcoal basket that was made for my new ugly drum smoker. I used an old 15" charcoal grate from an old wore out grill and a piece of 3/4 inch expanded metal (12 inches X 48 inches), 3 bolts that were 3 inches long to support the grate and a couple of 3/4 inch long bolts to hold the expanded metal together. The bolts were ones I had on hand from some other project. I used an old coathanger to make a handle for the basket (not in the pic). This was pretty much as big as I could make it and still fit the basket in the barrel because of the bolts that hold my cooking grate.
Staying above the water line!



pops said...

can you tell me the thickness of the expando,what I am finding seems to be very heavy and thick,I guess when I cut it down to size it will bend.was looking at a 2'x 4' peice.thanks

riverwalker said...

To: pops

It's 3/4 inch expanded metal. It works fairly easily after it's cut to size. You can use 1/2 inch but it cuts down on the air flow through the grate (which gives you a better burn on your charcoal) and won't last as long due to the deterioration from heat and rust.

Thanks pops.


coltsfan said...

I'm using your plans to make my own ugly drum smoker. I'm trying to figure out where you are placing your water line. You only mentioned the water line once but you don't tell where you place the water and how far down in the barrel to place it. I would really like to know so I can get this thing started...

Cadisch MDA said...

Great work! I'm hoping to do something similar myself.

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