Saturday, February 28, 2009

Will you feel safer with the new gun ban proposals?

Given the fact that most criminals do not abide by the law, will you feel safer with the new gun ban proposals? Do you think that there will be a significant increase in the crime rate with a new gun ban? Do you think the crime rate will actually go down or remain at current levels?

Staying above the water line!



Mayberry said...

I reckon I don't even need to answer that one RW.....

scoutinlife said...

Just the way times are crime will raise I do believe....The bans typical have nothing to do with law abiding folks just stripping more rights of what they have the option of owning...Have a great weekend my friend!

riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

Criminals don't obey the law, that's why they're criminals.
You're probably right on this. The biggest danger to criminals right now when they break into someone's home is not the law, but the homeowner willing to protect their property.


riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

The times do seem to be changing and it doesn't look like it's going to be better as a result.


RV Survivalist said...

Just wait until "she blows" and you're having to defend your food supply, what little cash you got out of the doomed bank, and anything else they may want to come loot.

With what...a blow-gun? Not here, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard,the gun ban issue was "shot down" by Reid and Pelosi,give the dem's a bit of credit there! The last gun ban was very specific,and it had the grandfather clause,so they didn't take any gun's from anyone,just off the market.That made the "old" AK's and AR's price's go thru the roof,unaffordable to the bad guy's.It doesn't take a black ugly rifle to commit a crime anyway! Or to defend yourself.
Dean in Az

Ken said...

..."feel safer"?! is a tyrants tool,and is completely subjective...i feel safe with my sidearm,thank ya very much...'safer' means havin the sidearm and a slung 'black rifle'...


Anonymous said...

It's funny you mention this, Mexico has very strict gun laws (which the drug lords aren't obeying) and one of Holder's justifications for the ban is to help Mexico. So the Mexican criminals aren't obeying their laws already, the American criminals won't obey the new laws passed, and the only one to be hurt by this POS bill will be law abiding Americans.

Anonymous said...

To Ken:
Why do's it need to be black to feel safer? ANY decent semi auto can be a great weapon! Personally,given the choice,I'd prefer a mini 14 to any AR. And at the current price's,it's a 2 for 1 deal!
Anon 11;39,
I live near the mexican border,sorta,and the university here has recommended to avoid mexico for spring break,due to the violence. My parent's owned a house there for 10 year's,and finally sold it,before the bubble burst thank god,and refuse to go back. We need to enforce what we have on the book's today. I've heard that over 2000 ex con's tried to buy gun's,and were refused,but never prosecuted! How many dealer's sold them gun's?
Just another thought. IF they were to pass the ban,it would keep them out of the hand's of paranoid people with too much money and too little experience! Maybe keep them out of the hand's of the zombie biker hoard's too!
I'd rather be missed by a .223 than hit with a .22!
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

I do not feel safer knowing our liberty is curtailed. I am not even thinking about crime.

Anonymous said...

Just another thought ..another "for profit" site keep's refering to these as "Main Battle Rifle's",with "full capacity" clip's and mag's. It's that type of attitude that may get a ban pushed thru if the general public hear's those terms over and over. It make's all prepper's sound like wannabe Rambo's!
Dean in Az

Shy Wolf said...

Hmmm...will I feel 'safer' with a new gun ban? Absolutely not. But I will feel like a criminal, so I guess there will be a significant- to me- increase in crime.
Of course, there will be a more than significant increase in crimes that are currently being committed as well. A much greater increase.
So far as 'black' rifles: the honest American Citizen is not buying them. What we are buying is look-alikes. The Brady Bunch has propogated lies and nonsense about 'assault' weapons for years and the general populace has been swallowing these lies like candy. All to 'protect the children'. But one needs to ask, "Just how many children have been saved by a weapon ban?" Most likely, very few.
Most children killed with firearms are killed by the criminals who definitly are not following the laws.
As to Holder's comments on disarming Americans to prevent Mexican (or any) drug cartel from getting weapons- it's a lie. Those fully automatic weapons they use aren't being bought in gun stores shopped by Common Man. They're Black Market or supplied by our own gov't. So his reasoning doesn't hold water and it's up to gun owners and others to point that out.
Dean: the Ruger Mini14 is now on the current ban proposal, so it has also become a 'black' gun. You ask 'how many dealers sold them guns' (the non-elligible). Probably none is the answer. Not if they are following the laws and the purchaser is honestly filling out the paperwork.
As to 'keeping them out of the hands of paranoid people with no experience', well: how are these people to get experience if they have no opportunity? One of the wonderful aspects of being an American is the opportunity to earn money, spend it as we please. If someone has the money and the desire to buy a 'superior' firearm, regardless of type, they have that right. Then they can learn to use it as they see fit.
Of course, having an "MBR" may not be in the 'best of language', but it is what it is: an MBR. Since when do we have to follow along with gov-speak (Political Correctness) in describing anything?

Marie said...

When I think about gun bans, I think that it's a slippery slope and am concerned for the safety of the 2nd Amendment. I don't want legislation that negatively affects or changes the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

irishdutchuncle said...

they want all of us to become criminals too. i'm not such a bad guy dean, but i can't afford those weapons either. someone will supply the bad guys with the weapons, they always do. for every container load of chineese AKs that gets stopped, how many others were succesfully smugggled to the criminal gangs? someone is actively promoting criminality in order to make us into scared little girlie-men, (or soccer moms) screaming for nanny to come save us.

Anonymous said...

in WW2 the Enfield was a MBR. I'd prefer that if ammo was cheaper,compared to a AR. A 30.06 bolt action is my choice,better range and power than an AR.And draw's less attention. Ask Jessica Lynch what she thought of her M16!
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

Shy: PS,
If a felon trie's to buy a weapon,isn't that a felony?
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

Irish Dutch?
I never meant or tried to imply,that if you own one that your a "bad guy".I'd like to have a few,not AR's,but thing's more reliable. As you said,I can't afford them either,even before the ban! I had a black evil looking 10/22,I loved it! Trust me,I'm not anti gun. I just want to see them owned by responsible people. In proper hand's,a hunting gun is as good,or better,than any assualt rifle.
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

There is no "new bill",so the mini 14 can't be on it!
Dean in Az

riverwalker said...

To: RV Survivalist

True. Those that have prepared will probably need to defend themselves against those who have failed to prepare when they become desperate enough.


Excellent point! A great many crimes are committed without a gun.

To: Ken

Another excellent point! Just another way for persons in a position of power to exert more control by claiming they will keep us "safe".

To: anonymous 11:39

Good point. There is no such thing as a law-abiding criminal.

To: jennersen

Laws should support the U.S. Costitution and not inadvertly weaken it or our rights as citizens.


Unfortunately, there are those out there that will seek to enrich themselves by taking advantage of other people's fears.

To: Shy

I sincerely hope that any new gun ban "proposals" will not come to pass. Many law-abiding citizens who seek to protect their rights may be inadvertly be put in a very awkward position.

To: Marie

Very well said Marie. Thank you.


Crime is the business of criminals and they may be indeed be wanting the average citizen to feel like a "criminal", instead of concentrating on enforcing current laws to better control crime.

To: Dean

More effective enforcement of current laws would seem to be a better way to deal with the situation.

True. There are proposals out there but no new legislation that has gone into effect.

To: Everyone who commented

Thank you.

Ken said...

...hmmm...Dean in AZ,i'll paint it,Red,White,and blue,hows that,would it look better ?...funny,i haven't had any function/reliability issues,with any of my mean looking guns,i've built every one of them by hand...
...since .223 isn't yer flavor,would you prefer my 9mm ? how about my .308 ?...soon you'll have the choice of my 6.8SPC too...
...not to discount any of the Ruger line,fine shooters in their own right,just not for me...
...last but not least "in proper hands"..."responsible people"...too vague,also completely subjective,who makes these determinations ? ? ?...the LEOs' ?...Obammy ?...

Anonymous said...

This isn't an issue of what you prefer as far as a brand name.. Any gun that need's a "forward assist" lever,in case it jam's,is junk! You can paint it any color you won't shoot better! The AK got it's fame for being reliable...the colt 1911 got it's fame for being reliable. An out of the box AR/m16 is junk! Let's address affordability/reliabilty! Ever see an old vietnam movie,they'd hit the clip on they're helmet,thinking it made it feed better? That was due to the Gov't light loading them! That's how we got the .223..a small bullet is cheap to make. and 1 wounded took 5 people to handle.. it's all economic's.

Ken said...

...Dean,you brought up the 'brand name'...i defended that particular brand ironically...what yer refering to(specifically) was more of superstition than purposful,although it did 'seat' the round to the back of the magazine,allowing proper geometry/clearance to feed,the true begining of the mag tap goes farther back,it was done to 'tap' the powder in the cartridge back onto the primer,as powder takes up little space in the brass,in humid conditions,the powder may not be loose and dispersed,it may be 'clumped' up at the projectile,causing insufficiant burn and possibly 'jam' the weapon...
...try again...

Scott said...

"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from
too much government."

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." - Thomas Jefferson

Crime will certainly increase. Ask any resident of Kennesaw GA if crime goes up or down when citizens are armed.

My collection is limited - a shotgun, a .22, a 9mm and a .38 Special. Frankly, I am concerned about my sons. I am wondering if I need to buy guns now to pass on to them - anticipating that they will have a hard time purchasing.

erniesjourney said...

Think we all feel the same way RW - never give 'em up and never give in...

erniesjourney said...

Oh, think that Reid and Pelosi yapping is more of a distraction as well as reinstating the assault weapons bans are as well - seems like the bills we need to worry about r the HR 44 and 45 bills and the Blair Holt Act. IDK...

riverwalker said...

To: ken, scott and ernie

Thanks for the great responses.


irishdutchuncle said...

RW, if the existing laws are unjust or unconstitutional, i don't want them enforced either. i was speaking literaly. they would like us all to be "felons", because once they've convicted us, (the whole country will be our "prison")
each of us would be permanently debarred posession or use of firearms. the only thing that's prevented it is our sheer numbers.

riverwalker said...

To: irishdutchuncle

Excellent point. Sorry. Didn't mean to sound like I was taking it so literally. My fault. So true about the strength in numbers seems to be the best defense against this. Thanks Irish!


Anonymous said...

Go shoot yourself, douchebag. I hope that you get the high-caliber bullet in the internal organs that you undoubtedly deserve. I hope you die.

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