Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simple Rules for Stocking Your Pantry

1.) Purchase only those food items you can afford.

Don’t wreck your budget by purchasing huge amounts of food all at one time. This could create an extreme hardship for your family. Simply purchase one or two additional items along with your normal purchases.. Instead of buying one can, buy two and put one in your storage room.

2.) Purchase only those foods items your family is familiar eating.

Don’t wind up with pounds of food that are completely different from what you and your family normally eat. A stressful time, such as an emergency or natural disaster, is not a good time to change your diet. In addition, purchasing foods you’re already familiar with will make your meals easier to prepare. If there is no crisis, then you’ll be able to eat these food items as you would on a normal day.

3.) Purchase your extra food items when possible on sale or at discount warehouses.

Purchasing bulk quantities of food items at a reduced price will save you money. Warehouse stores are found everywhere and are especially good for obtaining canned goods, rice, and beans in bulk. Regularly check your local newspapers for food items on sale at your local grocery store. Coupons can also help you save money on your food items. Feed and grain stores are also a great place to purchase grains in bulk and seeds for your garden.

Following a few simple rules will allow you to build an inexpensive food storage program for your family.

Staying above the water line!



scoutinlife said...

Good sound advice River buy what u eat normaly add a bit extra here and there it add up!

riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

A little common sense without a need to get real fancy or go overborad. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Just buy a few extra cans each week when you buy groceries/ They'll store longer than you'll live.


Anonymous said...

That's why BOGO deals are the Prepper's best friend. Bellen

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