Monday, December 15, 2008

Preppin' 101 - Temporary Shelter - Truck Camping

Camper shells are enclosures that fit on a standard truck bed. These shells fit over the bed of a pickup truck so that it is completely enclosed. Most camper shells are made of fiberglass or aluminum. Collapsible covers are also available. These camper shells are perfect for providing shelter for you, your family and your belongings during an emergency.

Camper shells are often used everyday to protect equipment from the elements. They usually consist of a hard cover and may also include back and side windows. Their construction makes them ideal solutions for temporary shelter needs while offering complete mobility. They go where the truck goes! While they only provide the amount of room supplied by the truck bed and minimal additional head space, they provide excellent protection from the weather. Collapsible covers are perfect for temporary shelter where you want to remove or add the shell at your convenience. They are not as sturdy as fiberglass or aluminum models, but work well in environments where the weather conditions are not as severe.

A truck bed will generally allow up to four people to sleep comfortably inside it. By placing storage items in the cab of the truck, you can use the truck bed for sleeping. This will provide ample room to spread out and get a good night’s sleep. Since the truck is protected, it will be warmer and a great alternative to sleeping in a tent. This is especially important if cold weather is a factor.

A camper shell needs to be fitted to the type of truck you have and as a result prices may vary. The prices vary greatly depending upon whether you use a basic camper shell or a complete slide-in camper unit with sleeping area, cooking, and bathroom areas. Used equipment may be less expensive, but it is essential to ensure a proper fit for your particular type of truck. Internet searches will provide a number of resources where used camper shells or camper units can be purchased.

Some people may decide to build their own camper shells. These can be made of wood or you can even adapt an existing camper for use with your vehicle. This is an affordable way to get the same effect but may take a bit more time to accomplish. It also requires a bit of skill and patience.

You can see some great pics of DIY truck camping set-ups here:

Truck Camping 101

Camper shells and camper units are a convenient and practical solution for temporary shelters. Depending on the type of camper unit or shell you purchase. They offer great flexibility to your temporary shelter options. They have the ability to be used year round for any type of shelter, storage or transportation needs.

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Anonymous said...

Year's ago,I used to race off road motorcycle's,back before I was married and could afford to! I had a mitsubishi pickup,hauled the bike,and slept in the cab. My girlfriend would not sleep in the open bed,so I got a bunch of pvc pipe and fitting's,threw a tarp over it all,made a nice cozy cover til I found a campershell.Better than a tent on the ground.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

Very innovative use of a tarp!

Thanks for the great comment.


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