Thursday, November 20, 2008

Springers - Update and Safety Tip

A reader has left an excellent comment on my post about Springers. Here is that update and a great safety tip as well!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Springers": Sorry for the long response time RW.

Yes, range is a factor as well. Springers do have more velocity (meaning flatter trajectory as well), but as with any firearm, putting that bullet / pellet exactly where you want it makes up for the power. The springers have a pretty substantial 'shock' - its like holding a piece of wood that gets a light exterior impact.

The PCP and pneumatics don't have that characteristic - it does require some practice to get used to.Owning the hardware does not make anyone an instant expert or authority, but I've owned a few pneumatics (Benjamins in both .177 and .22. my favorites) as well as a few springers (RWS 350 in .22, Webley Tomahawk in .177 as well as a few others) and can safely state the springers do take some more time to get used to, and fire accurately. But the payoff IS substantial - you get a powerful pellet rifle that given care, will last you a very long time. Spare parts - a replacement mainspring and maybe a few screws - that’s about it.

One very important note - NEVER pull the trigger or let the barrel go on a partially cocked springer - the rifle will snap shut and very likely damage the gun, possibly even cracking the stock.

I would suggest anyone interested in learning about air guns take a look at the Pyramyd Air website - there is an airgun blog there by Tom Gaylord which is very interesting.

You can read Tom Gaylord’s blog here:

Thanks Anonymous for the update and great safety tip!

Staying above the water line!


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