Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preppin 101 - Part 4 - The Purpose of Shelter

All the various types of shelters serve three basic purposes. The fact that you won’t have all the comforts of home should be a part of your survival mindset. There is some psychological value to certain styles but most any type of shelter will ultimately satisfy your emotional needs. There may be a need for protection from animals, etc. but the primary purpose of a survival shelter is to protect your body from the adverse effects of the weather.

It is the effects of hypothermia, which is caused by the loss of body heat, which causes the majority of deaths in survival situations. Being able to make or build a good shelter is crucial.

A good shelter prevents this in the three following ways:

1.) It creates a space to shelter your body from the adverse effects of weather.

2.) It creates a space that can be heated by your body or an alternate source of heat.

3.) It creates a sense of security by making you feel more secure and protected.

People with no skills have sometimes survived in circumstances where others with a great deal of survival knowledge have died. A lack of creativity and the inability to improvise may be the real culprits. Sometimes a little understanding of the principles involved and a willingness to think and observe your surroundings can be just as important as specific skills.

Look at what is available, and consider how you can use it. The ability to improvise will help you to survive. In a survival situation, a shelter that can keep you warm and dry and imparts a sense of security becomes crucial. Check your surroundings carefully. Is there anything which can be used to create a shelter? Consider the available materials around you in terms of how you can use them for the purpose of making or building a shelter.

Creativity, an ability to improvise, and good powers of observation can be your keys to survival, no matter what your circumstances. Being able to create a shelter out of what is available can make a world of difference in your chances for survival. The best survival shelter is the one that works for your situation!

Staying above the water line!



Bullseye said...

I once went on a camping trip with some of my cousins who had all been in the military. We decided that we would not take a tent or sleping bag's on the trip, it was during summer and the nights were nice and warm. Our plan was to each build a shelter to spend the night in. It worked out really nice, maybe even better than a tent or sleeping bag. We used limbs and branches and natural overhangs to construct our overnight dwellings. In this exercise we were able to learn from one another and practice our skill in a somewhat controled situation. Plus we had a great time. Maybe a winter exercise is in order?

Great post, makes us all think.

riverwalker said...

Just because you don't have a tent or sleeping bag doesn't mean you can't figure out something. Sometimes learning to "make do" is the best way. Thanks.


Marie said...

This is a great post--I like the reminder that your brain is your best resource, and you can figure something out if you think outside the box--you just have to remember not to panic. Thanks!

riverwalker said...

To: marie

Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination. I fear we lose some of this ability as we grow older and supposedly wiser. Thanks.


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