Sunday, November 16, 2008

Food Safety - Part 2 - Shigella

There are many different ways for food to become contaminated. Once contaminated it should be disposed of properly. Avoid food poisoning and therefore its sometimes deadly effects by knowing the proper means of handling and preparing your food. Learn to recognize the different symptoms of the various kinds of food poisoning and its effects.

Food Poisoning Type - Shigella

This bacteria is generally associated with raw sewage or contaminated water. Food poisoning of this type is caused by direct contact of food with raw sewage, contaminated water or by indirect contact with improperly cleaned cooking or eating utensils. Improper hand washing techniques can also be a cause of this type of food poisoning

Signs and Symptoms - Shigella

The most common symptoms are diarrhea, fever and nausea. These symptoms can appear whithin as short a time span of six to seven hours to as long as a week after eating contaminated food. The symptoms may last for a week or slightly longer but in most cases are rarely fatal.

Sources of Shigella Poisoning

Any type of food that requires manual preparation is a potential source of shigella.

Prevention Tips - Shigella

1.) Maintain good personal hygiene at all times.

2.) Always use proper water treatment methods to insure purity.

3.) Use proper hygiene in all food preparation and cooking areas.

A little safety goes a long way in keeping you and your family safe. In an emergency or crisis situation, the last thing you will need is a case of food poisoning added to your list of problems.

Staying above the water line!


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