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Long Term Storage Food - Seasonings - Salt

Salt varies in color, type and taste. It is a common ingredient used to season different foods. There are several different types of salt and they have a variety of uses.

Regular Salt

This is a fine ground, refined rock salt with additional additives to keep it from clumping due to moisture and to make it easy to pour. Use about half the amount if you're substituting table salt for coarse salt. Unseasoned salt has an infinite shelf life.

Coarse Salt

Coarse salt is basically a coarser ground. This is the type of salt generally found on pretzels. It doesn’t melt as easily as regular ground table salt.

Iodized Salt

This is regular salt to which iodine (sodium iodide) has been added. Iodine is a mineral required by the body to prevent hypothyroidism. Iodized salt is a convenient way to get the required amounts of this nutrient into your diet. Iodized salt also contains a small amount of sugar (usually listed as dextrose in the ingredients). The sugar is necessary to prevent the salt from turning a yellow color due to the iodine.

Kosher Salt

This is a coarser grind of salt with large, irregular crystals. It contains no additives. Coarse pickling salt can be used as a substitute for kosher salt.

Rock Salt

This is a chunky crystalline salt used in ice cream machines. Rock salt is not generally used as a seasoning for foods. Rock salt used for cooking should be food grade.

Pickling Salt

This is a fine ground salt that has no additives. Pickling salt is used in brines to pickle various types of food. Do not use table salt for pickling or canning.

Sea Salt

This salt is made by distillation from sea or ocean waters. It can be either fine or coarse ground and its color will vary. Sea salt is considered better than rock salt because it contains trace amounts of various minerals giving it increased nutritional value. It has a stronger flavor.

Seasoned Salt

Seasoned salt is a mixture of salt and various herbs and spices. The main ingredient in seasoned salt is salt. Herbs and spices are added to give a distinctive flavor to regular salt. Seasoned salt has a shelf live of approximately one year.

Popcorn Salt

Popcorn salt is a superfine ground salt and it’s made specifically for popcorn and other snack type foods.

Sour Salt

Sour salt is also known as citric salt. It is commonly used as an imitation salt substitute.

Water Softener Salt

This is a rock salt that has been made into pellets (one of the more common forms). It is generally not considered food grade due to the manufacturing process.

You can get additional information about salt here:

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Wretha said...

Funny you should mention that, or should I say, great minds think alike. Just today, or yesterday as the case may be, I purchased a 25 pound bag of table salt from Sams, while I prefer using the sea salt that I get from the health food store, it's EXPENSIVE and the small amount of minerals I get from it can be found in other sources. I'll just use my expensive sea salt on my special dishes and use the bulk salt for everything else. :)


Staying Alive said...

All kinds of SALT. And people who are prepping had better stock up on it! The regular old table salt with Iodine will keep the Goiter from growing on your neck. I have a lot and will buy more. It will be painful if we have a salt crisis. And don't put it past the powers that be to not have a salt crisis. We gotta have it.


riverwalker said...

To: wretha

Iuse sea salt also but it is expensive. Mostly stick with the regular salt or seasoned salt.


riverwalker said...

To: michael

Gotta have it!


scoutinlife said...

I use sea salt 99 % of the time! Walmart sells it morton brand for a bit only a bit more than regular salt....... said...

Yes, something so simple in our day to lives - salt - will take on great value come SHTF. Try going without it for a month or two and you will see what it means.

Stock up!

riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

Got to check out my Wally World and see if they are carrying it here. Thanks for the heads up on this!


riverwalker said...

To: survival topics

Beans are better WITH salt!
Everything's better with salt!

Do you think packing a salt shaker in your pocket might be over doing it? Naw! Might as well be really prepared!


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