Monday, October 27, 2008

Food Rotation Systems

The main difference between commercially prepared foods purchased in the grocery store and the many specially prepared "survival type" foods is the shelf life in storage. Most grocery store items can not be stored for extremely long periods of five to ten years or more.

Special freeze-dried or sealed foods packed in nitrogen or vacuum sealed bags or containers can be placed in storage without the need for daily or monthly rotation to insure food quality. If you stock only grocery store food items, you won’t be able to develop a “stash and dash” food storage program.

Proper rotation of your food inventory will be required. You will need to rotate your food inventory on an ongoing basis. This will require rotation on a frequent basis that can be a time consuming process. This will ensure you have the best quality food in your storage. Failure to keep a proper rotation of your grocery food items could lead to a waste of your food and your money.

One of the ways to avoid this problem is to have a combination of food types in your food storage program. A combination of grocery store items for short term needs of 6 months or less, and freeze-dried or vacuum-sealed food products for longer term food storage needs.

It is also important to note that any long term food storage plan should include a good stock of non-hybrid seeds for gardening purposes. It may become necessary for you to grow your own if food supplies run short.

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Stephanie in AR said...

Yes and the rotation will help you decide if that food should be a part of your diet. Example canned pastas or kool-aid. If your family doesn't eat it now so it is reasonably easy to rotate, should it be part of storage? why? The answers will help adjust the storage. I did this with the kool-aid. It was in the storage to help make boiled water taste better & vitamin C. Yes there are better sources but the packages take up so little space & with kids. Problem was, in normal conditions I didn't like to let the kids drink it - maybe a few times a year. Bad for rotation, bad for familiar foods. So we are drinking more kool-aid but the colorless and using less sugar than recommended. Budget likes it, rotation happens, and it is now a familiar food. Now those canned pastas, still debating cost v convience.

riverwalker said...

To: stephanie in ar

So many different factors can influence our food choices and can vary widely between individuals and families.



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