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Texas Area Prepping

A reader has requested assistance on determining a viable place to re-locate. Perhaps someone out there can give them some help in deciding their best place to re-locate from the big city to an area that may be more advantageous.

Here is their request:

To: Riverwalker
From: Cindy in Austin
Date: August 05,2008

First off I’d like to thank you for your articles, I read them daily. Second, we moved to Austin a year and a half ago from California. Actually, we turned an old bus into a motor home and toured the US for two years looking for a new place to live.

Although we love everything Austin has to offer, I cringe daily at the thought of being there in bad times. We are renting downtown and had planned to buy when the chips were down, but now we understand how silly it would be to buy in the city during such times. After our trip we kept the bus, and we know that if it were necessary, we could live pretty comfortably on some land until we could build more housing.

We are busily prepping with some hope to buy a few acres soon in outlying rural areas. Any suggestions from readers regarding locations in Central Texas would be appreciated. So far we are considering the Tyler area as well as Bastrop/Smithville. We would love to meet others interested in forming a group that can come together when things get ugly. We have two children 16 and 13 who would welcome a self sufficient way of life. They are home-schooled and don’t understand the culture most of their peers embrace.

The kids and I have been visiting friends and family in CA during the past month with the hopes of getting my parents out of the stock market and setting up some modest preps. No one (including friends) wants to hear anything about the economy, “everything will work itself out…let’s watch ‘Dancing with the Stars”! You would think that living in earthquake country (SF Bay Area) they would at least see the value of preparing for a natural disaster, but apparently I’m just Chicken Little. The malls are full and people have no clue. We can’t wait to return to Texas on the 11 th and as my 16 year old daughter keeps telling me, at least we tried. Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work!

Cindy in Austin

Let's see if we can help out Cindy in Austin. Thanks.

Additional info here:

Staying above the water line!



riverwalker said...


You might want to check out the Fredricksburg/Johnson City/ Kerrville area.


riverwalker said...


Here are some links to info:,_Texas


vlad said...

The East Texas Peddler 40K copies once a week. Ads from all over East Texas. Scroll to bottm of page to see main menu.

land for sale/lease

vlad said...

East Texas Peddler ad
FOR SALE in Douglass: 5 acres off CR 779 - $20,000., will not divide 936.553-2423

Douglas is on hiway 21 14 mile west of Nacogdoches. CR 779
intersects 21, runs N-S near Lake Nacogodches. Fellow I know owns 10 ares on 779. He is about four miles from the beer store on 225 at south end Lake Nacogdoches.

click Google Maps Douglass TX

Mayberry said...

Hey Cindy- "Move that bus! Move that bus!" Ha ha, couldn't resist. RW's picks are good areas. I would also recommend the Leakey/ Concan area myself. Sparsely populated, very hilly, lots of natural springs and free flowing surface water. Second choice, RW's neck of the woods. Kennedy/ Karnes City area. Remote, lots of woods, water available.... Stay clear of areas downstream of dams, and prone to flooding. Stevie Ray Vaughn wasn't when he wrote "Texas Flood"...... And welcome!!!

Anonymous said...

Stay out of Austin, becoming Nazi central. Hill country with water is nice, not as humid as East Texas. As said, maybe Leakey, Campwood etc. Me, I moved to Baja Texas, sometimes referred to as Mexico. I just got completely out 8 years ago. So far so good, and good luck.

Marie said...

Since not everyone has the option of relocating, it may be beneficial to do a neighborhood organization for emergency situations. A program for dealing with crisis situations is outlined on, and it looks pretty simple to set up. My mother, who lives in Utah, has had great success with this in her neighborhood, and apparently this system is set up in many places in that state. I need to get myself organized and do something along these lines in my area, but it could work anywhere that people want to work together to get prepared. Reading about you getting organized is reminding me of how much I have to do! If you check out the website, I hope it helps.
Hey, I'm not a Texan, but Texas is dear to my heart! I think it's great to get everyone involved in preparation.

EMB said...

The only complaint I have with
central Texas, is it's too close
to the impending Golden Horde.
Ask Rawles over at Suvivorblog.
Northeast Texas is not remote, but
the people are still close to the
earth, and conservative.
Get into one of the community
systems. It also puts you close
to escape avenues of Oklahoma,
Arkansas, and nearby Louisiana.
Being remote is great if you have
good backup support for when the
schumer hits the fan, otherwise
you're not any safer or secure.
Plus you're at least 100 miles from
any major cosmopolitan areas such
as DFW. Biggest towns around are
places like Mount Pleasant and further south, Tyler or Longview.
Or if you're insistant on remoteness try southeast Texas where Rita ripped them a new one,
destroying small towns leaving dead counties.

riverwalker said...

Thanks to everyone for the great comments.

Thanks for the links vlad.

Mayberry you're watching too much TV!

Anonymous #1 - Thanks.

Marie your comments are always welcome!

EMB - you're so right about community systems!


Cindy in Austin said...

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! I plan to hit the ground running when we get home tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'd also consider Victoria / Beeville region as well - nice country there, and close enough to the coast where if (when?) SHTF, there would likely be some commerce between the two areas.

Hill Country properties are beautiful, but land prices in many areas are through the roof! And those that don't have some problems that require some research to find out.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous #2

Thanks for the input. Yes the Victoria area is a nice place.


Anonymous said...

For long term security, and for a better place to grow crops, you should get land in the blackland prairie sections of Texas. This is a band of dark, rich soil coming from OK through Texas and ending at Travis County. Google, "Texas Blackland Prairie". Also, the areas west of Austin are not good for growning anything but rocks. Pretty views though and expensive

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

Thanks for the "Blackland Prairie"


aomastu said...

my pleasure - I would love some of that blackland east of town, but I want to move farther west. Check out - There is a super section on finding your retreat location. Jim Rawles is a wealth of information.

Anonymous said...

Try Lamar County or Red River County. The largest town is Paris (25,000 souls) and both counties have some very remote and very affordable acreage.

l1ostwald said...

To Cindy from Austin and anyone else interest

Check the Area's around Waco, Tx. I live in the area of Waco between Riesel and Marlin. Check it out. pretty secluded and not to far from city that you cant work if you have to. Look for Otto,Tx. Their will be an open invitation to anyone who wants to join a survival group. their is a lot of land for sale in this area. I'm here because God put me here and our mission is to survive and defend the people. ask for the name Basinger

AJM said...

You are right about getting out of Austin, it will become a war zone much like the larger urban areas even in Texas. I am prepping a compound in the Karnes County area and have been at it for years. (New Members are welcomed but will be screened) It is best to surround yourself with committed people who want to survive and know what it takes. Watch out for relatives and friends who want a free ride, they will poison your group. That entitlement attitude is why we are at this point today. Best of luck. AJM

Anonymous said...

When quoting Rawles I would suggest taking a hard look @ where he lives in N Idaho. I spent 40 years living in the same county and am not convinced that it is the best place to be. EVERYBODY is flocking there and the Feds loosed the wolves (literally) and the elk herds, deer, etc are gone. The wolves are like critter vacuums that leave totally empty landscapes. I am living in NE Washington state just west of the Idaho line and we are getting chemtrails and Fukushima nuked plus Hanford is sitting south of us perking like a coffee pot on high. I am packing up and moving to Texas as there are no jobs here, no wildlife as I have seen wolves 3 times in one year but have yet to see any deer anymore, and the area is slowly getting destroyed since Fuku blew and is still continues to poison along the jet stream. Texas gets weather from the gulf which is still mostly clean. loads of wildlife until the wolves get there, and great people, that I hope band together in the Texas spirit. To anyone thinking of fleeing North to the PNW , I would advise against it.

Anonymous said...

PS, I have property South East of Spokane Wa, great garden area, chicken coup, firewood, etc. Anyone in Texas want to swap?

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Texas all my life. Texas has all types of weather and terrain found in the rest of the USA. East Texas piny woods, west Texas desert, central Texas hill country, Panhandle high planes and coastal areas with salt and freshwater fishing. I moved from the Houston area back to central Texas hill country. I have several places to go if the SHTF. Most are family owned. I would suggest you should find an area that you can use the natural resources in that area. You can use the skills you have or surround yourself with people with skills that can teach you to survive in the areas you choose.

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