Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stealth Survival - Part One

The first and foremost concern (or at least it should be) of all preppers is that of protection and security. If you can't hold on to what you've got or can't keep someone from taking it away from you you're gonna have a big problem before you even get started. That battle rifle with all the mags and ammo that you put on the debit card (shame on you if you used a credit card!) is gonna leave a big sign out there saying "Here I am! Come and get me!" If possible try to have a couple that can't be traced through credit or debit purchases (purchased with cash from an indiviual if possible), but depending upon your own local or state laws (some restrict sales between individuals) do what you can legally. And try not to buy everything from the same place if at all possible. Remember, if they come looking for something you've got, they're gonna tear your place apart and go over every square inch of your yard until they find it, even as you're being "less than politely" escorted to the nearest lock-up or detention facility. If necessary, you may have to leave and take it with you to avoid possible confiscation if things get really bad out there.

Avoid breaking any laws at all costs. This will bring the powers that be down on your head faster than you can say bug-out or bug-in. If you get locked up, your family will most assuredly be left out in the cold (or heat) without you and at the mercy of the scumbags out there or at the worst placed in a facility somewhere for their own good (and you probably won't be able to find out where and they're not gonna tell you).

Also consider alternatives, something is better than nothing. Maybe it's only a sling-shot with steel ammo, a bow, a pellet rifle, a machete, corn knife or even just a couple of aluminum baseball bats,try to have some sort of back-up if the worst should happen. Remember, the average lowlife or scumbag usually ranks just below a trained monkey in intelligence(I know this from personal experience at my work and in the news...we recently had a robber shoot himself in the gut when he drew his pistol and died as a result ) and a baseball bat or some other type weapon can be very effective.

So whenever possible try to stay under the radar, but if you do show up on their screen be careful because there is probably going to be a lot more of them than you and the odds won't be in your favor.

One other initial point needs to be made. If you can't pay your rent, utilities, taxes, other bills, etc. because you've spent all your money on preps this will also draw a lot of unwanted attention to you and your activities. Likewise, you don't want to unduly shake up the "Barbie" wife(my condolences if you have one and my congratulations if you don't) with your preps and have her complaining to all her friends and relatives about you and your activities(and thereby announcing it to the whole world.... or at least your neighbors which is not a good thing).

Stealth Survival......this is a good thing.

Stealth Survival, Part Two will be forthcoming.

Stay above the water line!

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