Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Balanced Approach

David "Prepper" Jones was found today in a back room of the remnants of his burnt home sitting on a melted plastic bucket of extremely burnt rice clutching a rifle with a badly charred stock. The neighbor across the street commented to the local media "He seemed like such a smart man. Sorry to hear he's gone now." Fire department investigators stated "If he had only had a battery in his smoke alarm or a fire extinguisher. He might be alive right now. We did find a 9 volt battery by some very fine steel wool in a bag next him. Too bad." The local news media commented on the evening news that David "Prepper" Jones died today in a fire because he had failed "to be prepared."

The point here is that a balanced approach is a necessary thing. Murphy's Law is out there every day looking for you to make a simple mistake. Make sure you've got your basic, "home-grown", "get you right now", "don't see me coming" type of disasters covered first. Sure the world could end tomorrow but it can end just as quickly today. Balanced thinking and using your head (for something other than beating it against the wall) will see you through the simple day-to-day disasters that strike people everywhere, including you and me.

Think Basics. Think Balance. Most importantly, think about what you're doing, have done, or need to do. Got a smoke alarm? Great! Checked the battery lately. Have an extra? Broken water pipe? Know where your shut-off wrench is? Or is it on your list of things to get?
Planned on getting the fire extinguisher recharged. Gonna clean that gun later instead of now!
Failed to re-fill your medication. What, I couldn't possibly have a heart attack at my age? Or could you? Or are you lying to yourself when you say" No, I'm OK". Putting off that annual physical or routine check-up. Feel great now? What about tomorrow? Haven't listened to the news lately? Didn't know that hurricane was coming or that there was going to be a tornado outbreak(they're not just for mobile homes anymore).That little pain or that feeling in your gut may be "Murphy" telling you he's on his way and coming to get you.

The local media reported today that David (Prepper) Jones averted disaster when a fire broke out at his home earlier today. When asked about his ordeal "Prepper" stated " Thankfully, I had a fresh battery in my smoke alarm and I had recently had my fire extinguishers recharged. I have 2-one's a back-up just in case the other fails." Local fire department investigators stated "If only more people were prepared like Mr. Jones, we'd see more happy endings like this!" The neighbor across the street commented "He's a very smart man. I knew he would be OK."

Remember! TODAY may be the last day of your life if you fail to prepare in a balanced manner.

Stay above the water line!


Mayberry said...

Good stuff. It's important to take a balanced approach to everything. Though I cringed at the thought of blowing money on a trip, it did me good (even though the trip home was a disaster!). That money could have gone to a lot of preps, but ya gotta live too.

riverwalker said...

You may have spent a few bucks but the experience gained from handling a crisis....priceless.

theotherryan said...

Things like fires, carbon monoxide leaks, cuts in the kitchen and power outages happen all the time. These should be planned for before less likely events.

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