Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's in your garden?

I've been working a lot lately and extra time is a premium right now. So for now, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about what's in my garden. The thing I like most is one my herbs. Which one? Dill! Even the ancient Egyptians knew about it and made extensive use of all its outstanding uses. The most common and best recognized use is as a preservative for pickles. But did you know that you can extend the shelf life of other canned or pickled veggies by adding dill. Besides helping to preserve your pickles, it can also be used to settle an upset stomach by making a "dill tea"(a couple of teaspoons of crushed dill seeds steeped in a cup of hot water for about 6 to 8 minutes). More than two uses, you bet! It also helps with colic for young children(using a very weak solution which has cooled), it also kills the bacteria that causes certain types diahhrea(and as a result of this also helps with the gas you get from eating all those beans). Plus you can eat the seeds which are a good source of calcium. It's easy to grow and germinates in only a couple of weeks and produces lots of tiny fruit(seeds) that turn brown when it's ready to be harvested(6 to 8 weeks). I have always tried to make use of items that can serve more than one purpose and with the multiple uses of dill it ranks at the top of my list of necessary items!

Stay above the water line!


Staying Alive said...

I'm glad you got me on this Dill thing because I thought it grew wild around here and the herbalist people say it does NOT. Glad I found that out. But the herbalists say it is really easy to grow and you can have all you want if you'll take the time to plant it.

Thanks for the reminder! One more example of all of us needing each other.


riverwalker said...

One you get it started you'll have way more than you could ever use. It's an invasive type plant and will pop up everywhere once you get it started. It'll even grow where other stuff has a problem.

Sometimes it's the little things that do the most(those seeds are really small).

Mayberry said...

Good stuff to know! And hey, what's yer e-mail address? Mine's ccavanau at stx dot rr dot com. Ya gotta encrypt your address so the damn spam robots can't get hold of it!

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