Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Financial "TEOTWAWKI"

Is the debt monster hiding in your BOB. If it is you better have a plan to deal with it now. A fellow blogger had a great post on personal finances and how it could affect your life in a very real manner in real time. Prepping financially is of the utmost importance. There is the very real possibility of a financial crisis putting you in a place you may not want to be. The debt monster is real and it waits patiently to pounce upon those who refuse to acknowledge it for the "BIG BAD MONSTER" that it is. Living paycheck to paycheck? The debt monster is looking for you. Living beyond your means? The debt monster will get you. It's time for you to put the debt monster in a cage. Put a lock on that cage. Get financially prepared now.

Stay above the water line!


Staying Alive said...

Well, you finally got into the water and got your feet wet. I say very good to that. I'll give you a plug on my blog and see if you can get some more readers.

Hang in there. It's going to be one helluva ride!


riverwalker said...

Thanks Michael. There aren't many things out there that haven't been beat to death by someone else and sometimes we need a reminder that the simple things that can go wrong are a very real threat to your survival.

Staying Alive said...

If the SHTF you can forget about the bills. Ain't gonna be any mail anyhow. They killed over 400 mail carriers in New Orleans right after the hurricane. And besides, who wants to pay bills anyhow?


theotherryan said...

Good post. A little bit more specific detail would be advisable in the future. Think idea + application for maximum benefit.

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