Saturday, December 6, 2008

Survivalist 101

The term survivalist is a label placed on a part of our society that has been largely ridiculed for a number of things. We’ve been called “whacko gun nuts”, “food hoarding freaks”, and just plain crazy. Perhaps if we did a better job of informing people of our true objectives, people might have a better view of survivalists and what we are attempting to accomplish.

What makes a person a survivalist? Does surviving a bad car accident or a serious illness make you a survivalist? No. It makes you a survivor and in most cases it makes you very lucky, but it doesn’t make you a survivalist. A true survivalist won’t trust his or her life and the life of their family to luck.

A true survivalist doesn’t trust luck to always be in their favor. A lot of people have “bad” luck, as well as “good” luck. What makes a person a survivalist is the enduring mindset and preparation ahead of time that makes them refuse to be a victim. The mere thought of being a victim of something that could have been avoided with a little advanced preparation is totally repugnant to most survivalists. They don’t trust their luck to see them safely through an emergency or natural disaster. They put their trust in their skills and abilities. They make advance preparations to deal with the everyday occurrences that can affect their life and their family. They simply refuse to become a victim of circumstances, whether natural or man-made, by being knowledgeable about how they can be avoided or minimized to limit the effects on them and their families.

Too many people prepare for the simple things because they refuse to realize that it’s the bigger events that will cause the more serious problems. They carry a spare tire in their vehicles because they refuse to be a victim that has been stranded by a flat tire. Why? Because they fear the ridicule they might suffer if someone found out they didn’t have a working spare tire. They will probably wind up with several labels as a result. They may be called silly, foolish or perhaps just plain ignorant. A true survivalist would see this in a different light. They see it as a failure to prepare in advance in order to avoid being a victim. They know that a flat tire, late at night, and in the middle of a cold, dark night in a strange area or neighborhood could be a life threatening event for them and their family. Tires go flat and cars break down all the time, but what if it happens at the “wrong” time and in the “wrong” place? Are you prepared to survive? Or will you become a victim?

Do you fear the label “survivalist”? Labels are really good things when you think about them. They tell you what’s in the food you eat and the drinks you consume. They tell you what’s in the books you read. They allow you to recognize family and friends when you call them by name. Labels are a good thing!

My name is Riverwalker. I am a survivalist and I refuse to be a victim!

Staying above the water line!



Mayberry said...

I wear it as a badge of honor..... It is also a big plus that I don't care what anyone else thinks of me! Survivalist= smart.

riverwalker said...

To: mayberry

Way to go Mayberry!
Who wants to be a victm? I sure don't.


Sunfighter said...

Good article. It's been clear to me that too many people think we wear tin foil hats. Survivalist are some of the most common sense people I know.....

riverwalker said...

To: hilljack33

Good to hear from you again. If wearing a tin foil hat will keep me from becoming a victim, might consider wearing one! HaHa!
You are absolutely right. Most survivalist and preppers I know are very sensible, everyday people.


Anonymous said...

"A true survivalist doesn’t trust luck to always be in their favor." Man, I am so much *not* a survivalist. For day to day life, I rely entirely on luck. It's worked for me so far and I've climbed mountains, climbed cliffs all over the US, commuted into the Wasatch mountains everyday for 5 months, snowboarded, white water kayaked, biked long distances on busy streets (only hit by a car once!), and every weekend I cut down trees with a chain saw. Life is good.

riverwalker said...

To: mockum

Sure hope your luck holds out. In my case, if it wasn't for "bad" luck, I wouldn't have any luck.
I've got to err on the safe side most of the time. Thanks.


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